Private Cloud Installation


To install Cloudmersive Private Cloud, there are two possible configurations: high-availability cluster and single-node operation. High-Availability leverages horizontal scalability across multiple machines to achieve zero-downtime operations, including patching and updates. Single-node operation leverages a single server running in isolation.


Licensing is required for Cloudmersive Private Cloud. Work with your Cloudmersive repreesentative to provision trial or production licenses into your account. Licensing is based on environment (pre-production, production) and core needs.

Hardware Provisioning

The first step to install is to provision the hardware or virtual machines needed and associated infrastructure. For single-node operation, a single server is required. For high-availability, a minimum of two nodes is required. All specifications for hardware are documented in the Installation page in Management > Private Cloud Deployment.

Software Installation Pre-requisites

Windows Server 2016 with a graphical user interface (GUI) enabled is required. See additional software pre-requisites in the Installation page in Management > Private Cloud Deployment.

Performing the Installation

Navigate to the Cloudmersive Management portal, log in, and click on Private Cloud Deployment. You will see one item for each node in the cluster. To install a node in the cluster, click on the corresponding node and the follow the directions for your environment. Depending on your configuration and license, the instructions will vary.

Testing the Installation

You can test your installation by opening the IP address of your server in a browser. You can also test it using Postman by importing the API specifications for Cloudmersive and then setting the Endpoint in Postman to be your Cloudmersive Private Cloud Server.