Getting Started with Cloudmersive and Postman

Step 1 - Import the OpenAPI Specification into Postman

- In Postman click the Import button, or click on File > Import...

- Click on Import From Link

- Paste in the URL from below corresponding to the API that you wish to use from Postman, then click Import.

Image Recognition API
Document and Data Conversion API
Barcode API
Speech API
Validate API
Virus Scan API

Step 2 - Configure your API Key

Find the API under Collections, and select the API resource you wish to use. Click on Headers and under Apikey paste in your API Key from the Cloudmersive Management Portal into the Value column.

Step 3 - Try it out

Fill in the other parameters under Body. If a parameter is a file, hover over it, and change its type to File and select the file you wish to upload. When ready, click Send to transmit the API call.

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