Getting Started with Cloudmersive and Access Management

You can share access to resources at scale by creating an Organization and then inviting collegues to it.

Step 1 - Create the Organization

- Login to the Cloudmersive Management Portal and then click on Access Management

- Click on Create Organization

- Give your organization an appropriate name and description

- As the creator of the organization you will receive Organization Administrator privaleges automatically, so be sure to create the organization from an appropriate account

Step 2 - Invite Users

- Click on your newly-created organization and then click on Invite User
- Invite users to your organization by entering their work email address and first and last namespace
- Select an appropriate permissions level; you can invite a user as a Viewer who will only be able to view API Keys and other information, or as an Administrator, who will be able to manage permissions

Step 3 - Your Invited Users Accept Invites

- Once your invited users receive the invitation email, they will need to accept the invite.

- If they are already logged into a Cloudmersive account, they can simply accept the invite

- If they do not have a Cloudmersive account, they can create one; once created and logged in they will be able to accept the invite

- If they already have a Cloudmersive account, but are not logged in, they can click on Account to log in, and then they can accept the organization invite

- Once a user has accepted an invite, they will be able to see API Keys that are shared through the organization in the API Keys page, and other shared assets

Step 4 (Optional) - Use Audit Logs

You can use and configure Audit Logging for your account or organization to monitor access and comply with audit log regulations.

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