Getting Started with Cloudmersive and Audit Logs

You can monitor administrative access to your Cloudmersive Management Portal and organization using Audit Logs.

Step 1 - View Audit Logs

To view audit logs, you must have a plan or product that includes this feature. To view audit logs, navigate to the Cloudmersive Management Portal and click on Audit Logs. From here you can view the timestamp, action, IP address and IP address location of each audit log event.

Step 2 (Optional) - Connect Your Log Management Solution

You can also optionally send your Cloudmersive Management Center audit logs to your log management solution for integrated and centralized monitoring, or to further integrate with your Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system.

Splunk Integration

To send your audit logs to Splunk, from the Audit Logs screen click on Configure Log Management, and then enable Send Audit Logs to Splunk. Be sure to enter the server endpoint as a fully-qualified URL (supports custom port number), Splunk Token and click on Save Changes.

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