In Private Cloud, the Administrator has full control over when updates are deployeed by design. There are two key aspects to updates: notification and deployment of updatese.

Update Notifications

Update notification is provided via email in the management portal. To receive notification of updates, navigate to the management portal, log in, and click on Settings and then Update Notification. Click on Receive email notifications of product updates and click Save Changes.

Update Installation

To install updates, navigate to the management portal, and log in. Click on Private Cloud Deployment. Click on the node in question that you wish to update. Scroll to the bottom and look for the command listed as "To update the services, run this command (causes node downtime)". This command should be executed from an Administrator PowerShell command prompt from the directory where the Cloudmersive Private Cloud installer was extracteed. This command will cause downtime on the node (though typically brief). To prevent overall downtime for your service, we recommend deploying in a High Availability configuration.

Update Planning

To plan for updates, you will want to decide on what cadence you would like to deploy updates into your environments. We recommend deploying updates starting from the lowest environment to the highest environment, and to leverage high-availability deployment methodology to make all updates zero-downtime.