Cloudmersive Private Cloud Log Files


Cloudmersive Private Cloud natively supports access logs, where you can monitor incoming traffic, successes and failures, and response time, and other key details of transactions processed on your Cloudmersive Private Cloud server node.

Log File Location

To access your logs, navigate to the following folder:


You will find multiple .txt files in this folder. You can sort by timestamp to see the latest or earliest available log files.

Log File Data

Each log file is comprised of multiple rows, one row for each API call. These log files conform to IIS standard log file format. Each log file is comprised of multiple columns:

  • Date (date) - the date of a given API call request
  • Time (time) - the timestamp in local server time of the API call request
  • Server IP Address (s-ip) - the IP address of the server
  • HTTP Method (cs-method) - the HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.)
  • Resource Path (cs-uri-stem) - the HTTP path of the API call
  • Internal (cs-uri-query) - this field can be ignored
  • Port (s-port) - server port number
  • Username (cs-username) - typically unused
  • Client IP Address (c-ip) - the IP address of the client
  • User Agent (cs(User-Agent)) - the user-agent making the API call
  • Referrer (cs(Referrer)) - typically unused
  • Status Code (sc-status) - HTTP response code, 200 indicates success, while 400 and 500 indicates failure or error
  • Unused (sc-substatus) - typically unused
  • Unused (sc-win32-status) - typically unused
  • Response Time (time-taken) - response time of the API call in milliseconds (start to finish)