Private Cloud - Create Key Overview

Cloudmersive Private Cloud services can be accessed with API keys.

Create Key

To create a Cloudmersive Private Cloud key, log in to the Management Portal and click on API Keys. Then, click on Create Key. If you have a Private Cloud license, you will see a screen appear titled "Select Key Type". Select Create Private Cloud Key. This will provision a new Private Cloud Key for use in your organization. You can provision multiple keys for separate applications.

Grant Access to Users

To manage access to Cloudmersive Private Cloud keys, log in to the Management Portal and click on Access Management. Click on Create Organization if you have not already created an organization. Give the organization a name, and optional description. Once the organization has been created, click on it and click Invite User (Administrator permission is required). Enter the user's information; this will allow them to create an account which can access the newly-created organization. Select the appropriate Role when creating the user's invitation, for example, Read-Only will give the user read-only access to API keys created within this organization. An email will be sent to the provided email address to invite the user to the system. Once the user logs in, they will be able to see the organization, as well as API Keys they have access to in the API Keys page.