Getting Started with Cloudmersive and .NET Framework

Step 1 - Install Client

Use the native C# client to quickly and easily access Cloudmersive APIs. Easily install the SDK from NuGet using this command:

Install-Package Cloudmersive.APIClient.ClientSDK -Version 1.31.0

Or you can right-click on References in Visual Studio, choose Manage NuGet Packages, and search for Cloudmersive:

Step 2 - Add API Key to Web.config or App.config

Add your API Key (available in your Account Dashboard) to Web.Config or App.config:
    <add key="CloudmersiveApikey" value="6741ba5b-2d53-4d7f-9609-7129efc3b7a7"/>

Step 3 - Call an API

Add the using statement at the top of the file:
using CloudmersiveClient;
Then call an API of your choice. Here we scan an image using machine learning to determine if it contains NSFW content:
ImageRecognitionAndProcessingClient client = new ImageRecognitionAndProcessingClient();
            var outcome = client.NsfwClassification(path);
Note that this will automatically load your API Key from the web.config or app.config file.

Sample Application

Download Sample

You can also download our sample application from GitHub. This repo also includes the full source code to the C# client library.

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