Getting Started with Cloudmersive and API Analytics

You can monitor API usage for each of your API keys using API Analytics.

Step 1 - View API Analytics Logs

To view API Analytics logs, you must have a plan or product that includes this feature. To access the logs, navigate to the Cloudmersive Management Portal and click on API Analytics. From here you can select the API key, API type (i.e. Document and Conversion API, OCR API, etc.), and maximum number of results from the drop-down options. Once these are set, you can click View Logs to view the timestamp, API Path, HTTP Response Code, Response Time, and Client/User Agent.

Step 2 (Optional) - Export and Download Results

You can also optionally export and download your log results. To initiate the export action, check the Enable Export box prior to clicking View Logs in the previous step. Now, once you click View Logs, a Download Excel link with an arrow next to it will be generated below the Data heading. To download your results, click on the link and open the newly generated Excel file.

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